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RM 680 - PB Men Wellness

A comprehensive approach focusing on heart wellness program for men to ensure early detection of heart disease.


RM 680 - PB Women Wellness

The type of health assessment every woman needs – focusing on cancer/tumour marker screenings including mammogram and breast ultrasound.


PB Standard Wellness – (M) RM 380  |   ( F ) RM 430

Provide you with an excellent opportunity to prevent and highlight health issues in the early stages.


RM 180 - PB Basic Wellness

Getting a better understanding of your health? Try our preliminary health assessment, with dietitian and doctor’s consultation included.



PB Basic Wellness

PB Standard Wellness (F)

PB Standard Wellness (M)

PB Women Wellness

PB Men Wellness


Full Blood Picture

Renal Function Test

Liver Function Test

Diabetic Screen – (Glucose)




Lipid Profile

Urine Analysis (FEME)

Urine Microalbumin

Blood Grouping (ABO)


Hepatitis A Screen


Hepatitis B Screen


Arthritis Screen


Sexual Transmitted Disease


Thyroid Screen


Hs-CRP (Coronary Risk)




H.Pylori (Gastritis Risk)





Liver Tumour Marker


Colon Tumour Marker





Nose Tumour Marker





Pancreas/Stomach Tumour Marker





Prostate Tumour  Marker




Breast Tumour Marker





Ovarian  Tumour  Marker





Pap Smear




Ultrasound abdomen/pelvis





Ultrasound breast/mammogram





Body composition analysis





Bone Mineral Densitometry

(Spine & Hip)




Electrocardiogram (ECG)


Lung Function Test



Chest X-Ray



Calcium Scoring (Heart)

Detect for any calcified plaque build-up in coronary arteries.






Dietitian Consultation

Physical Examination and Doctor’s Consultation


 PB Price (RM)







Terms and Conditions:


  1. Promotion is valid until 30th June 2018.
  2. Payment must be made with PB Debit/Credit Card.
  3. Extending the offer to PB Debit/Credit Card holder’s family members (next-of-kin).
  4. Not valid with other discounts, vouchers, promotions, privileges, membership or loyalty programs, unless stated otherwise



Kindly find the following general instructions for your reference and further action: 

  1. Get enough sleep, at least 6 hours prior to the check-up. Lack of sleep may cause abnormal results such as blood pressure, heart beat& body temperature. The physician may not be able to assess if any change is a real abnormality;
  2. Do not eat or drink at least 8 to 10 hours prior to the check-up. Water, however, may be freely taken to avoid dehydration effects on blood sugar & cholesterol test in the program;
  3. Hypertension medicine can be taken prior to your visit;
  4. Urine samples will be collected on the day of examination;

For female applicant only:  please postpone your medical examination during your menstruation 

  1. Please wear clothing allowing access to upper arm; 
  2. Should you have any chronic illnesses or other health issues, please bring along any test results or medical report with you to assist in diagnosis;
  3. If pregnant, please inform the Customer Service upon registration to cancel the x-ray;
  4. Please refrain from applying any make-up i.e. eyeshadow as this will hinder the medical examination. 

  If you are scheduled for a Pap Smear Test:

  1. Two days prior to the test date – please avoid douching or using vaginal medication or any form of spermicide, tampons and any vaginal creams unless instructed by a doctor;
  2. Please also avoid having any sexual intercourse/copulation;
  3. All the above-mentioned could wash away or conceal abnormal cells which would hinder/obstruct an accurate testing.

If you are scheduled to perform a Mammogram:

  1. Please do not apply any powder, perfume or deodorant on your chest area;
  2. Please wear loose fitting clothing that is easy to remove i.e. baggy t-shirt or tops with front buttons instead of zippers behind.


General Terms and Conditions

  1. By participating in this Promotion, the PB Cardmembers shall be deemed to have read, understood and agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions stated herein. The Bank’ decisions on all matters relating to the Promotion shall be final, binding and conclusive. No correspondence, disputes and appeals will be entertained. The Bank further reserves the exclusive right to change, amend, delete or add on to these Terms and Conditions from time to time at least twenty-one (21) days prior notice which notice will be placed at www.pbebank.com website.
  2. The Bank makes no representation or warranties and accepts no liability or responsibility relating to the offers or the quality and suitability for use, or the benefits.
  3. The Bank’ prevailing Terms and Conditions governing the use of the PB Credit/Debit Card and PB Lifestyle Card shall continue to apply in addition to the Terms and Conditions herein.
  4. Should you have any questions or queries about the Promotion, please contact PB Card Services & Support at 03-2176 8000.
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