Dr. Vimalan Ramasundram

Dr. Vimalan Ramasundram

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Vimalan Neurodiagnostic Centre
Level 4, Wisma Life Care, No 5
Jalan Kerinchi, Bangsar South
59200 Kuala Lumpur

    Neurology (Nervous System)

University Malaya

Dr. Vimalan is a consultant neurologist and physician. He graduated from University Malaya in 1993 and served in Hospital Kuala Lumpur and Hospital Johor Bahru. He returned back to University Hospital and finished his Master of Medicine in 2000 and neurology sub-specialisation in 2003.

Dr. Vimalan is based in Gleneagles Kl since 2008 and set up his subspecialist neurology clinic in LifeCare this year.

This clinic caters for ambulatory care neurology services like headache, chronic pain, sleep disorders, movement disorder like parkinson’s disease, nerve disorders and neurophysiologic test as well.

Dr. Vimalan has an interest in brain regenerative treatment like stem cells, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Bioness and neurotonics for brain cell regeneration.



Sleep Clinic
This clinic is dedicated for people with chronic and persistent sleep disorder. This will include patients:

  • People unable to sleep( insomnia) and disturbed sleep pattern,
  • Disturbance in sleep like walking-talking, bed wetting, and nightmares.
  • Frequent sleep awakening and light sleep.
  • Dependency on sleep medicines/sedatives to sleep.
  • Severe snoring and choking at night
If you have these following symptoms, you should be seen in the sleep clinic.

Chronic Pain And Headache Clinic
Pain is a common symptoms and most pain symptoms are self resolving and with 1-2 visits to your local doctor

If your pain is recurring, persistent and not resolving with regular medicines, then you should have a thorough assessment by a neurologist to decide on the course of the pain.

Upon proper diagnosis and disease classification, the pain syndrome can be resolved.

The commonly encounter persistent pain are headaches, facial pain, migraine, painful hand-legs, deep somatic pain and various nerve related pain disorders.

At our clinic we use a multimodality approach to treat pain with plans specifically to treat the underlying process and no merely to control symptoms

We are able to use a combination of pain prevention meds, analgesic, TMS, Botulium injection, and physical therapy to stop the pain processes.

Appointment on every Tuesday & Thursday

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